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Why Fume Extraction System Is Vital to Workplace Safety

A fume extraction system is often perceived as a costly investment.

fume extraction system

The risk of fume inhalation and exposure, however, will triple or quadruple the costs you have been reluctant to invest in if you’re proven guilty of jeopardising the health and safety of employees.

Safe Work Australia specifies that a business must ensure workers are not exposed to airborne chemicals above the standards of workplace exposure. Failure to do so can result in business sanctions and possible closure.  Click here Aircare Extraction Systems

If your negligence resulted in a worker’s health problems, you have to shoulder the medical bills as well.

Clearly, you are better off with an Australian fume extraction system installed in the workplace.

The workplace exposure standards cover approximately 700 chemicals. It is highly likely that the chemicals processed in your business premises are a few of the 700.

For this reason, have a fume extraction system in Australia installed.

  • Protect employees and their health.
  • Ensure compliance with local business regulations
  • Avoid the impact of health compensation claims on your finances and business reputation.
  • Reduce contamination and the level of exposure in the workplace.
  • Provide workers with a safer, better, and adequately protected work environment.

Types of the most hazardous fumes

Any process that involves raw material being transformed through cutting, marking, painting, welding, and the like, generate fumes that are often hazardous to health.

But the worst of its kind are asthmagen, carcinogens, and mutagens. Exposure to these can result in damage to the nervous system, occupational asthma, respiratory hypersensitivity, and allergic reaction.

Symptoms of exposure to fumes

These include regular sore throats, coughing or wheezing, continuously running or blocked nose, sore and watery eyes, tight chest, and breathing difficulty.

If you experience any of these symptoms, your workplace has more fumes than acceptable. Make sure to report it to the management right away.

What is the best type of fume extraction system?

It should be capable of removing fumes generated in the workplace that are above acceptable levels.

Since different industries generate different amounts of fumes, Off-the-shelf fume extraction systems usually do not meet requirements.

It is recommended that you find a provider of customised extraction systems.

Make sure to carry out air monitoring beforehand to determine specifics of equipment. Avoid over- or under-specifying.

If you need to move 60,000m3/hour of air, a large-scale fume extraction system is the best choice. Check that it uses a 55kW motor or faster for speedy removal of fumes.

Enhance workplace safety

Apart from the installation of a fume extraction system that offers adequate protection, there are other measures you can take to eliminate risks related to fume exposure and inhalation.

  • Improve workplace ventilation to reduce the risk of concentrated fume exposure.
  • Use administrative measures for improved safety. Training for adequate health and safety, good personal hygiene, and good housekeeping are highly recommended.
  • Post warning signs and safe work procedures.
  • Provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and impose strict compliance in wearing it.
  • Train workers to properly use PPE.
  • Periodically check PPE to ensure they provide adequate protection.

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