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Choose Neo Code as Your FileMaker Developer

As if running a business is not hard enough, you also need to ensure that it stays on top of technologies that can help streamline and ensure efficiency of operation. One of these is FileMaker, a business tool kit that allows you to plan, create, and deploy an app customized to suit your business requirements. With Neo Code as your partner, you can focus more on core competencies and leave FileMaker development in their capable hands.

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What is FileMaker?

This is a relational database application that is used to develop solutions to business problems. Used by many for more than 3 decades, it is a strong platform with a loyal and evolving software development environment. Many swear by its powerful methods, quick, and flexible developing solutions.

Why Choose Neo Code?

  • Joint decision making

The company may have the IT and technology expertise, but the solutions they provide will be tailored to your requirements. They will collaborate with you from start to finish to ensure that the software developed is exactly what your company needs.

  • Scrupulous research

Before any process of FileMaker development is started, the company will conduct a diligent research to understand your needs and the problems you want to be solved right from the start.

Preliminary research work is done rigorously, including feasibility studies and reviews every aspect of the project, technical or non-technical.

  • Budget-conscious services

What’s your budget for custome software development? Neo Code will make it a priority to stay within the allotted project budget. Their goal is to spare you from surprise costs while providing you the greatest ROI.

In the event that more budget is needed, the company will fully consult with you and get approval for change orders before work is continued.

  • User-friendly solutions

Custom business software can become complex data sets, depending on a business processing needs. If not implemented properly, a software package will become painfully hard to use.

Neo Code will not only develop user-friendly software with intuitive interfaces but also provide training tools so that the application delivered is used to maximum efficiency.

Services Neo Code Offers

  • Custom software development. Get powerful customized solutions for your business unique software requirements.
  • FileMaker training schedule. Achieve FileMaker development goals with the help of experts.
  • FileMaker hosting. Get database solution that is customized to your needs and manageable over the internet.
  • FileMaker server install tuning. Fine-tune and approve server performance.
  • FileMaker solution assessment. Get expert analysis carried out by a team of developers.
  • LAMP hosting. Get fast, reliable, and high-performing infrastructure for domain administration.
  • Starter sync solutions. Enjoy the convenience of desktop-to-mobile sync through FileMaker starter solutions.
  • Excel to mobile app. Access data from Excel spreadsheets using a mobile app.

How Neo Code Can Help

More than just a developer of custom business solutions, Neo Code can help you gain the most of business software while ensuring success. They will sit down with you and provide recommendations with your available resources and business needs in mind.

Their FileMaker consultancy is designed to identify all the aspects needed for your particular project and provide necessary solutions.

Once all the details are ironed out, a development team will work with you from start to finish.