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6 Essential Points to Remember When Buying Pallet Racking in Sydney

Whether you run a small facility or a large warehouse, the pallet racking Sydney has been preferring is designed to handle incredible pressure and weight. Therefore, you will have a storage system that is highly innovative and sturdy.

Racks and storage may have concerned you in the past. Probably, you have incurred incredible losses just because of a collapsed shelf. However, this should no longer be a major concern for you anymore.

Because of an increasing demand for such systems, manufacturers have now designed several features and specifications depending on the needs of their clients. As a matter of fact, there are broad varieties available on the market right now. Each specifically made for numerous industrial applications.

To ensure you of a quality product, below are some points that you must take note of when selecting the pallet racking Sydney has to offer.

1. Storage capacity

The very first thing that you should take note of is the quantity, weight, and size of your SKU or Storage Keeping Unit. These details will help you determine which pallet rack is right for your warehouse facility. Remember, each storage rack are currently designed to fit specific industry requirements and specifications. Therefore, not all are created the same.

There will be racks made to carry light, medium, and heavy-weight loads. If you handle the latter, for instance, you have to choose between pallet flow, push-back, drive-in, double-deep, and drive-through racks. Click here SKY RAC

2. FIFO vs. LIFO

Sydney pallet racking types have different designs based on functionality. Hence, you have to understand inventory control first before deciding on which appropriate rack system to go for.

For example, push back and drive-in racks are more suitable in LIFO or Last-in First-out inventory control systems. Meanwhile, the pallet flow racks, as well as other deep lane storage units are better for FIFO or First-in First-out inventory systems.

3. Rack Decking

When buying a storage rack, it would be better if you can buy more components such as extra pallet support and decking. These may seem to add to your expenses but it actually does help you save from future losses.

These additional components for pallet racking in Sydney will provide you added safety and protection not just for your stored products but also for your rack system.

4. Forklift Accessibility

You have to take this matter with utmost importance when selecting pallet racks. For specific types such as the double-deep, drive-through, and drive-in racks, considering the nearness to forklift is very critical. Verify from the manufacturer or supplier if the racking system they offer can provide service in the long-term.

Also, ask about their product’s functionality and whether it can withstand after frequent contact with the forklift during unloading and loading.

5. Aisle Width

The pallet racking Sydney has been offering has varied aisle widths – ranging from narrow to wide. Beforehand though, you have to know what your facilities require. Afterward, you can choose for the right aisle by noting the load requirement, storage type, and the truck fleet utilised by the forklift. Regarding the storage type, you can either have high-density, temporary selective storage, or long-term storage as choices.

6. Seismic zone

Lastly, it is also important to note whether your warehouse facility is in a seismic zone. If you are actually on a high-risk earthquake area, you have to consider choosing high-grade materials that are specially engineered to withstand intense ground shaking.

When choosing a storage and rack system, make sure that you are only getting from the top producers of the city. Consider the ones who have the longevity and brilliance in product performance. To get the best pallet racking Sydney has to offer, check out suppliers such as Sky Rac for affordable storage solutions.